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Writing Emotions and Facial Expressions


Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

As a writer, it is important to “show not tell.”  Every author gets tired of that over simplified mantra uttered endlessly in coffee shops across the world.  Still, it is better to show than to tell.

For instance – Which of the following is better:

1)  He looked amused.

2) His eyebrows lifted and his lips curled up slightly at the ends.

The first is telling.  The narrator (if not written in first person) is telling you they “look amused” which may or may not bring a mental picture to you the reader.  In any case, it is an opinion of the character by the narrator.

The second tells you as a reader what you actually see.  It lets you determine why, if they are amused, interested, whatever.  It lets you as the reader discover what is going on without too much work.

I found a resource that helps with…

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Lizard’s war

“Get that ugly lizard out of my sight” shrieked the old woman.

I am a beautiful lizard!

Don’t laugh. I am serious. I have smooth even toned golden brown skin unlike my spotted darker cousins. I can’t understand why the humans in this house can’t see that? They try to chase me away from the house like I am a sore sight.

The old woman screams every time she sees me, giving my little heart a terrible scare. The little boy in the house throws whatever he can find at me to make the shrieking lady happy. The little tyrant! Six months back when I wasn’t cautious he threw a ball at me and severed my tail. I spent those three months till my tail grew back, shamefully hiding from my ugly cousins for the fear of being laughed at.

I have been plotting revenge on the boy from past few days. Once I noticed when I had lost my balance and fell on the old woman and she had washed herself with water. The little boy always cried when he was washed with water. I would fall on him and make him cry for severing my tail.I found the right opportunity now. As soon as the old woman screamed the little boy came running with a ball in his hand. He aimed and threw the ball at me. I was ready now and I flung myself at him.
I landed on his face.

The old woman shrieked even louder and dragged him to the bathroom and washed him with water. He kept crying and I watched happily from the wall with smug satisfaction.

Wham! He managed to throw something at me as I was lost in happiness, severing my tail again.

Damn you human! I will get back at you. This isn’t over yet. I muttered and quietly retreated.

This post is a part of Write over the weekend, an initiative for Indian bloggers by BlogAdda.

WOW – An animal’s take on things!

P.S. My blogpost is one among the selected posts 😀

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